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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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put that on the front page. make it an issue in our city, we could become number one on the planet for top, safety, on the roads, when the police enforce the laws. but they are not, only against automobiles. that is wrong. and that is all that i have to say. as a native, who grew up three blocks from here. thank you. [ applause ] . >> thank you. >> further public comment? >> my name is lisa ganser and i moved to san francisco like a year and a half ago. and when i first moved here, i noticed like living in the mission, that there was a like a political climate, that of gentrification and i looked for a way as an artist and activist to get involved in the
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community and a way to be proud of my neighborhood and a way to yeah, participate, and meet the people and make friends and i just moved here and i grew up to vernal heights quite a bit with dogs, and i walked dogs and i walk myed own dog and i heard about alex's death, and his murder, on facebook, someone had posted about it and, i had just recently been atop vernal, eating food and hanging out and i am professionally paid to be crazy. so, that is part of my activism too. it really angered me and it impassioned me to get involved in the neighborhood and so i am here in solidary with the family. and being here, and meeting people... [ applause ] and meeting people through the activism and i found out other other cases like sullivan who
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was killed on june 6, 2006 and barricaded in an attic and i am helping to write an article about that right now and i have been sitting in on the civil suit, there has been a court proceeding in oakland that just ended. and they found that in favor of the police. so, we are going to be any way, i am writing an article about that, and sitting through that, court proceeding just showed me more and more how everything, is in favor of the police. and like, the police are going to afford to pay, $50,000 to an pert to create this huge, like farce of what has really happened and i am a little nervous, but it is just disgusting to me how i am sitting here and i am hearing like, we live in the neighborhood and i went to school over there when i was a kid too, and i want to hear the negative side of the police. that killed the people. because we don't hear any of that. we hear about how crazy, the victims are, and the people who
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get killed and we don't hear anything about the police. all of those records are sealed. any way. [ applause ] >> hi, everybody, my name is maria (inaudible) and i am a mother, first and foremost and i am a early childhood advocate here in the bay area, and i am actually having a career change because of everything that is happening like i said i have been in the early childhood field and i believe in the education, first and foremost, but since everything is happening i am actually going back to school to do social work, to be a social worker. [ applause ] >> and so, i didn't have the honor of knowing, alex, and the whole, story, has deeply affected me. i have a childhood friend, some of you may have known or heard of (inaudible) chang, who was killed by the police department, and the daily city
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swat team and why the swat team needed to show up is beyond my comprehension. he had a mental illness, and the bottom line of this story is that he basically was terrorized and kids and he was scared for his life and schizophrenic and then in half moon bay, the same thing happens, not much longer after it happened in (inaudible) and i have a 10-year-old son. and i cannot explain to all of you how it felt to have my son ask me why the police came and killed my friend, when the mother called for help. and to have to look at a little boy in the eyes a little innocent child and explain these sorts of things, i don't wish upon nao*eg anybody nor do i wish upon any mother or father to have to feel the pain of losing a child. to call for help, you know, and then to have your child be taken from you.
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i don't get it. and i just want to send my respect to alex (inaudible) family and friends and everybody here who has been affected by this. as alex was, i am a buddhist as well and i have a really hard time understanding how he could have been a threat to anybody. i have only been practicing a year and i am at the most peaceful state that i have ever been in my life. and so, any way i look forward to helping change everything for the better, thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> any further public comment? >> hearing none, public comment is closed. and now, it is time for my colleagues to ask questions, of captain mcfadden and follow up on any items of interest. colleagues? >> or the chief. >> yeah. >> questions? >> thank you.
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>> commissioner dejesus? look at me. forgetting. >> it is for the chief and i know that i was gone for a couple of weeks but we have talked about putting cameras on officers, and there is i am just wondering if you can address that. >> we have secured 250,000 dollars to put cameras on 50 supervisors that we will and we are working on the policy and procedure, and meet and confer with the poa, and the, the main thrust of these particular cameras, would be to video tape the entries into the residentses, so that we make sure that we capture the information at the door. and much has been asked about having cameras, on all police officers. and the 50 cameras that the cost is about $100,000. and annually to store the data, for 50 camera and so the cost
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will be $2.4 million annually to put the cameras on all police officers, ongoing. and so, as it is right now, the cost is prohibitive... (inaudible) >> hey, wait... (inaudible) nmr. miller we are going to respect everybody, we had a process and you had your two minutes. >> and again i am happy to have the conversation, but it would be, the current moneys in the san francisco police department budget are allocated and it would be an additional $2.4 million to put those cameras, like everything else in technology, though, the expectation is that the cost for the data storage would go down, because right now the department of justice does not allow to us store in the cloud which would be cheaper. and so as the department of justice, the united states department of justice, catches up, and i think that the cost of the data storage will go down and i firmly believe and i would be, and i would, welcome the day when i think that the
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cameras are standard issue and i do think that day will come, but right now, sadly, the budget drives that issue. >> so it is ongoing. >> and it is ongoing issue that we are... >> right. the 50 cameras is the pilot program and obviously the want is from many people not only in this room but outside of the room that they, and that all police officers wear the cameras. >> thank you so much. >> and captain, mcfadden, it is impressive that you have 65 crt officers and i think maybe you can just tell the audience a little bit more about the cit and how important that it is, especially for the people who have mental illness or having a crisis. >> thanks, so, a crisis intervention officers are trained to deal with people with mental el, health issues and the chief is saying that as many officers get trained and distributed throughout the different stations throughout the city and that is dealing
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with the mental health issues that we have across the city, which we have numerous calls and that is what the cit officers are all about and so we have, more than a majority here, adding to the 6500. >> and i think that one of the important things about this program was the training by all of these professionals, additional training and it is volunteer by these officers and it takes many numerous hours to get that training. >> right and, most of my officers there at ingleside did it long before i got there and now several others because there has been a rotation of officers have come in that are or have asked for the request for that training and i have signed it through for them to have it done. >> and the fact that two years ago, we had nil and we have 65, and in your precinct i think that is mazing >> thank you. >> commissioner? >> other questions? >> colleagues? >> i have one question for the chief. there has been a lot of
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discussion about the community policing departmental general order, and one of the things that we do as a commission is that we set policy and we discipline and so any discipline comes to the police commission and so we do approve the departmental orders and that went through this body and the significance of a department general order is that it is a direct order from the chief, and so i just wanted to ask the chief about, if you could speak to what it is the departmental order is if i said that correctly and any response to our incorporate ration for the policing to the department. >> general orders are not actually direct orders from the chief and they are binding by the police commission and so we have and they are para military organization and not military, and para in that we go by rank and order, and so the general order, are one of the main, or the main document that
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governors police officers and how we do things. so, we did work with nina and many of the other members of the community to arrive at the community policing general, and i think that when nina originally said that it was to enhance the community, and in general order, there was no community policing in general order, that is the first and only time ever there has been a community policing general order. and so, it is binding, on the officers, and i am happy to come and personally, and come to talk to the young people, about how the general orders go in. and but the officers are trained to it, and they are bound by it, and actually it is a matter that if somebody believes that somebody was acting outside the general order, and any general order, that is a matter that can be complained to the occ if you believe that the officers are not being consistent with any policy of the police department. >> thank you, chief.
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>> if i could just chime in, there is a lot of talk about maybe the chief coming out to talk to the students here at balboa, and that is not something new, i can tell you that the chief was at lincoln high school and meeting with students as part of a regular program that he does have keeping the students in school. and explaining the benefit of a high school education and that is just one of the starting points of community policing. that he is visible and he is in the schools and talking to the students and i would not be surprised if he has been here and it is not something new, it is something that happened earlier today. >> thank you, commissioner. >> and the last thing that i want to acknowledge is the point that was brought up about the closed session, items not being on the calendar. and say that is my call, there was administrative issues around being able to do a closed session here, and making sure that we had a quorum. so we are going to hear those matters on november 5th, they are closed session matters because there are statutory privacy rights involved in
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litigation to the extent that you want to come, november 5th. >> and thank you for raising those concerns. >> thank you. >> sergeant, could you call the next line item? >> line item 8, adjournment. >> action. >> move to adjourn. >> colleagues. i would ask for a motion to adjourn this meeting in the memory of the four victims who have died of domestic violence homicide this year. i am going to say their names. mary free man, matthew shehan, mary atcison and cecil. a lamb. could i have a motion. >> i would move. >> second. >> second. >> all of those in favor. >> aye. >> the motion passes, we are adjourned.
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>> good morning, everyone, welcome to the board of supervisors, budget finance and committee meeting, for october, 29, i am joined by john amylee howcroft, and i want to thanks charles for sfgovt tv for covering this meeting and the clerk of the meeting, miss wo ng. >> silence all cell phones and any electronic devices and completed speaker cards and copies of documents should be submitted to the clerk sxit ems acted upon will be on the november 4th, board of supervisor's agenda, always otherwise state. >> could you call item one? >> item one is,resolution
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retroactively authorizing the public defender's office to accept and expend a grant in the amount of $75,889 from the board of state and community corrections for the purposes of implementing local juvenile justice accountability measures through the juvenile accountability block grant, for the term of july 1, 2014, through june 30, 2015. >> thank you, we have the public defender's office to speak. >> thank you for having us on the agenda and especially thank you. >> would you speak. >> number one. >> i am patricia lee, managing attorney of the office and, juvenile unit and i have been working on this grant for over a decade and this may be the very last fund that the fcc will extend to us and so we are fortunate to even have this amount and it has funded partially funded one of our attorney positions who have dealt with reentry of youth who are returning from long term out of home placement or the county champ and as part of a
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team effort in keeping kids stabilized and in their homes. so it has been a very, very successful grant. we look forward to institutionalizing the funding in the fewer tur. >> thank you. >> and seeing no questions, we don't have any budget analyst report. and so we will move on to public comment. anybody wish to comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> thank you. >> we have a motion to move this item. >> take that without objection. >> would you call item two? >> item two is,resolution authorizing the recreation and park department to accept and expend a grant of $200,000 from the california department of parks and recreation's habitat conservation fund to support the youth stewardship program. >> okay, thank you. we have rec and park here today. >> good morning, with the recreation and parks department, the habitat conservation funds allocates approximately $2 million per year for nature interpretation programs and other programs that bring youth, and urban residents into the parks and
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wild life areas. and the recreation and parks department's youth stewardship program meets to engage kindergarten through 12th grade students and environmental education and service, learning projects throughout san francisco parks and open spaces. yfp's mission is to foster and use the understanding of the important role to help to build the healthy and social and natural communities, and the program is free and available to any school or youth group in san francisco and in 2010, the youth stewardship program received a grant of $165,000 from hcf, it is funding was set to expire in 2015 and with this new grant, that funding will continue until 2019. thank you. >> also, seeing no questions here, we will move on to public comment. and seeing no public xhept, we will close public comment. >> motion to approve this item.
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>> and also without objection. >> okay, madam clerk, do we have any other business in front of us. >> no mr., chair. >> thank you, we are adjourned.
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(clapping.) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i think we have more companies anywhere in the united states it's at the amazing statement we're not trying to be flashy or shocking just trying to create something new and original were >> one of the things about the conduct our you enter and turn your your back and just so the
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orchestra. the most contrary composer of this time if you accountability his music you would think he's a camera come important he become ill and it was crazy he at the end of his life and pushed the boundary to think we're not acceptable at this point for sure it had a great influence he was a great influence on the harmonic language on the contemporary up to now. i thought it would be interesting because they have e he was contemporary we use him on this and his life was you kill our wife you get poisons all those things are great
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stories for on opera. i was leaving behind a little bit which those collaborative dancers i was really trying to focus on opera. a friend of mine said well, what would you really want to do i said opera what is it not opera parallel. why isn't it are that i have the support now we can do that. i realized that was something that wasn't being done in san francisco no other organization was doing this as opposed to contemporary we are very blessed in san francisco to have organizations well, i thought that was going to be our
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speciality >> you create a conceptual idea for setting the opera and you spear ahead and work with the other sdierndz to create an overview vision that's the final product felt opera. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i was very inspired to work with him because the way he looked at the key is the way i looked at sports looking at the daily. >> so much our mandate is to try to enter disis particular work there's great dancers and theatre actresses and choirs we've worked with and great video artists is a great place to collect and collaborate.
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i had a model they have a professionally music yes, ma'am assemble and as a student i benefited from being around this professional on and on soccer ball and as a conductor i'd be able to work with them and it's helped my growth i had a dream of having a professional residential on and on soccer ball to be an imperial >> it operates as a laboratory we germ a national the ideas technically and work with activity artists and designers and video all over the on any given project to further the way we tell stories to improve our ability to tell stories on stage. that's part of the opera lab >> i was to investigate that
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aspect of renaissance and new work so that's why this piece it is important it was a renaissance composer. >> there were young people that are not interested in seeing traditional opera and like the quality and it's different it has a story telling quality every little detail is integrated and helps to capture the imagination and that's part of the opera how we can use those colors into the language of today. >> so one of the great things of the stories of opera and story combined with opera music it
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allows people to let go and be entertained and enjoy the music instead of putting on headphones. >> that's what is great about art sometimes everyone loves it because you have to, you know, really great you have to have both some people don't like it and some people do we're concerned about that. >> it's about thirty something out there that's risky. you know, disliked by someone torn apart and that's the whole point of what we're drying to do >> you never take this for granted you make sure it is the best if you can. >> ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i just want to say comboo go giants, huh? >> so good morning, everyone. welcome to the san francisco wholesale produce market and the dedication of the first lead goal produce center in california (clapping.) i'm larry president of the market value board of directors on behalf of my colleagues the staff and our partners which are the markets merchant and especially the merchant because they get up at midnight at 2:30 i 2 o'clock in the morning so
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it's late day for them thank you for being here (clapping) for more than one hundred and 25 years we've been a vibrant part of the culinary history san francisco's restaurants and hotels and grocery stores large and small rely on the product market for fruits and vegetables some produced by merchant since 1863 when the market moved from the contemporarily we had a place insuring the bay area residents and visitors will have ready access to a custodial new delight today with the opening of this this and the four new warehouses our really to the industry and communities are insured formulas innovate half
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century i want to thank the city's daepg and department of workforce development as well as the the san francisco investment funds and behalf for the financial backing to bring this to completion (clapping) ladies and gentlemen, it is now my great pleasure to introduce the 43rd mayor of san francisco mayor ed lee. >> go giants also (clapping) i can't think of a better theme but the success of collaboration so moved sometime ago when i was the city administrator and sophie making well led the effort to educate us about our infrastructure in the city and then when i became mayor a few years ago another supervisor of
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this district, of course, the current supervisor supervisor cohen also continued that education and introduced me to a lot of her friends and the producers but i've got to say for a great city like san francisco and personally for me, i used who i growing up i used to work on up in seattle they had farms i picked berry's corner and beans and this was my summer job i had lots of fun, i would ride in the back of a truck and throw grapes hitting cars going the opposite way but former supervisor maxwell and current supervisor supervisor cohen is also is have been wonderful leadersor


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